Project leaflet


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Below are a sample of some of the project related presentations that have been delivered by the project team:

Linzi Thompson “Are Bees at Risk of Herbicide Exposure?ICPPR Hazards of Pesticides to Bees Conference, Switzerland, 25th October 2019

Michael Kitching “Development of a DNA based Electrochemical Biosensor to Determine the Overall Genotoxicity of multi-pesticide Soil ExtractInternational conference on Chemistry and the Environment, 20th June 2019

Blanaid White “PROTECTS: Protecting Terrestrial Ecosystems Through Sustainable Pesticide Use” SETAC conference, Finland, 30th May 2019

Mathavan Vicknaswaran “Developing Tools for Pesticide Detection and Toxicity Testing in Agricultural Soils” DCU School of Chemical Sciences Chemistry Day 2019, 10th May 2019

Jane Stout “Drivers and Consequences of Pollinator Decline” Pollinator Symposium, SLU, Sweden, 25th April 2019

Jane Stout “Impacts of pesticides on pollinators” All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Councils and Biodiversity Conference, Cork, 11th April 2019

Dara Stanley “Pollinators, Pollination..and interactions with PPPs” Maynooth University Biology seminar series and Queens University Belfast seminar series, March & April 2019

Merissa Cullen “Assessing Hazards of Pesticide Use in Ireland for Pollinators” Maynooth Biology postgraduate seminar series, 19th March 2019

Elena Zioga “Characterizing Pesticide Residues in Floral Resources for Bees” Postgraduate symposium, Trinity College Dublin, 26th Feb 2019

Merissa Cullen “Preliminary Results on the Effects of Glyphosate on Bombus terrestris Digestive System” Irish Pollinator Research Network meeting, 18th Jan 2019