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Below are a sample of some of the project related presentations that have been delivered by the project team:

Linzi Thompson “Are Bees at Risk of Herbicide Exposure?” Scandinavian Association for Pollination Ecology, Ireland, October 2021.

Elena Zioga “Pesticide residues in pollen and nectar of crops and wild plants from agricultural fields in Ireland” Scandinavian Association for Pollination Ecology, Ireland, October 2021.

Alina Premrov “Insights into using HAIR2014 tool for estimating soil pesticide risks in Irish grasslands for selected herbicide active substances” European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, May 2022.

Elena Zioga “Characterising nine systemic pesticide residues in floral resources for bees” ONE – Health, Environment, Society – Conference 2022, June 2022.

Dara Stanley “Pesticides and bees; hazard, exposure and potential solutions” Environ 2022, Belfast. June 2022.

Elena Zioga “Residues of glyphosate in plant pollen and nectar” 11th European Conference on Pesticides and Related Organic Micropollutants in the Environment, Greece, June 2022.

Mathavan Vickneswaran “Establishing To What Extent Irish Agricultural Soils Are Contaminated With Pesticides” EnvChem2022, York, United Kingdom, July 2022.

Linzi Jay Thompson “Opposing effects of a fungicide on bumblebee colonies” Scandinavian Association for Pollination Ecology, October 2022.

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